catholic cemeteries

Maybe you never gave it any thought, but all cemeteries are not alike. A Catholic cemetery is a very special place. It is the place where our brothers and sisters in faith rest in peace. A Catholic cemetery is different because Catholics envision death in a very special way. As Catholics, we believe that the body is sacred, even after death, and that it will rise on the last day to be reunited with our immortal soul. It is thus a normal choice for Catholics to be buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Catholic cemeteries are sacred places

The canon law says: «Sacred places are those which are designated for divine worship or for the burial of the faithful by a dedication or a blessing which the liturgical books prescribe for this purpose. » (can.1205)

Catholic cemeteries are part of a long tradition

The Catholic Church has a tradition of honouring the deceased and respecting their resting place. In the Ancient Rome, the Eucharist was often celebrated in the catacombs. Since these days, many generations of Catholics, according to their faith, wanted to be, along with their families, buried in a Catholic cemetery.

Perpetual care

Catholic cemeteries provide perpetual care. The deceased interred in a Catholic cemetery remain members of our christian community, and the Church makes a point to care for their dwelling place until the day of the resurrection.

Catholic cemeteries are non-profit organizations

All income generated in the cemetery is reinvested in the cemetery. At our cemeteries, an interment is not a business, it is a ministry.

The non-Catholics

Catholic cemeteries are open to all Catholics and their family members, whether they share the same faith or not. Thus we encourage the members of our Catholic communities to consider burial arrangements with their family members, so that the families remain together.

Burial of the body or the ashes

In memory of Jesus who was entombed, the Church favours the tradition to bury the body of the deceased. The Church also highly recommends a funeral service in the Church in the presence of the body. If cremation is chosen, it is preferable that it takes place after the service, although it is possible to celebrate the funeral mass in the presence of the urn. The appropriate place to bury a body or the ashes is the cemetery or the columbarium. The Saint-Boniface Cathedral Parish offers you a choice between two cemeteries and one columbarium. Being a member of a Catholic community, you will certainly appreciate to know that you can be buried, along with your loved one, in a cemetery that is managed according to your values. Your family and friends will have a place to come and remember you, revive good memories and pray for you. Because of their meaning for Christians, keeping the ashes at home, placing them in your own yard, dispersing them or immersing them, should be avoided. We remember that our body, as the temple of the Holy Spirit, deserves respect and should be interred or placed in a columbarium, in a sacred place, as soon as possible after the funeral service.